Dedicated to the Growth of our Business

By Developing Strategies that Impact your Clients


We are a 360 Boutique Marketing Agency that develops and implements marketing strategies for B2B businesses.

We clarify your vision and positioning in the market, and offer detailed planning of cutting edge tools and approaches that connect with and engage your clients. 

                …because we know that impacting your clients, impacts your sales.

360 Strategic Agency

Our decades of experience in the corporate world allows us to act as a true Strategic Marketing Partner; supporting you through your entire business plan, from planning to execution...

...setting us apart from all other single solution providers.

Unsurpassed Client Experience

We provide unique cutting-edge approaches with personalized service, flexibility, and focus. 

Not to mention, the unsurpassed quality and client-experience for which Pür7 has been repeatedly praised by our industry and clients on an international scale.

Unique Process

Our unique process carries us from fully understanding your business in the diagnostics stage, through to the thorough planning phase, right to the implementation, where we carry out our agreed-upon strategies.

...ensuring we reach the client at all stages of their buyer's journey.

…because we know that impacting your clients, impacts your sales.

  • Watch our Interviews on SecurityIQ 

In this episode, Min Kyriannis and Elisa Mula sit down with Martine Warda, President and Founder of Pür7 Marketing Inc.
  • – Strategy behind sales and marketing
    – How sales and marketing go hand in hand
    – The importance of aligning sales with marketing
    – How traditional marketing is still a powerful component in B2B
    – Using digital and traditional marketing together, strategically
    – The importance of establishing a unique selling point and message
    – The importance of getting a third party’s opinion on a brand’s marketing effort
  • In this episode, Min Kyriannis and Elisa Mula are joined again by Martine Warda to discuss something we need to prioritize in our industry: supporting each other.

  • – The challenge of event planning during COVID-19
    – The need for women to support each other in the security and tech industries
    – Being a woman in the security and tech industries


  • Pür7 Marketing is a 360 Boutique Marketing Agency that provides and implements marketing strategies to B2B businesses.
  • We are dedicated to the growth of your business by developing strategies that impact your clients.
  • …because we know that impacting your clients, impacts your sales.


  • These “7” pillars form the foundation for everything we do.

  • -Integrity
    -Hard work
    -Joie de vivre!




  • – Marketing Planning & Brand Identity
  • – Product Development & Pricing
  • – Content Creation: Video, Emails, Press Releases, Blogs
  • – Digital Strategy: Websites, Social Media, Google, Emails 
  • – Traditional Marketing: Brochures, Sales Tools, Direct Marketing, Events, Signage, Thought Leadership


  • – Sales Planning
  • – Sales Incentives, Metrics, & Objectives
  • – Sales Training, Coaching, Objections Handling, Scripts
  • – Pipeline Reviews
  • – Speaking Engagements
  • – Staffing


Achieving results with government entities and businesses on an international scale


Pür7 was instrumental in ramping up our early-stage-company's marketing efforts, delivering high quality client service and direction. The diligence that went into developing our plan and designing assets was thoughtful and informed, setting us up for long term growth and success.
Trent Staley
Managing Director
Martine is a passionate woman of action. Her ability to understand the issues related to the marketing of your products and services, combined with its great creativity, make Pür7 an innovative marketing firm that offers advantageous solutions with concrete results. Bravo Martine for your exceptional work!
Prior to working with Pür7 Marketing, we were at an impasse. Martine's strong background allows her to leverage ideas from her experience which has made my business escalate to a new level. A quick learner, she understood my business and her intuition allowed her to assess my needs with minimal explanation.​


Martine C. Warda


At the helm of Pür7 Marketing, Martine is dedicated to your growth and to propelling you into your market.

Martine is a visionary, determined and results-oriented woman.  Her ability to develop and deploy Marketing strategies to make organizations more successful in their brand image has been repeatedly praised by her industry and her clients on an international scale.

She offers a renewed and inspiring image of your products and services thanks to her creative ideas and field expertise.  Her vast corporate experience and academic background work together with her skills to help you to clarify your vision and positioning in the market and offers detailed planning of cutting edge tools and approaches to make an impact with your customers.

A philanthropist, she applies her leadership and commitment by heading up events for the Women in International Security organization – NY Chapter, and coaches and manages sports teams for her rambunctious kiddos who rock her world!

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